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Mike & Suzie


Mike & Suzie’s Diet-FREE Manifesto

DIETS Don’t Work Diets don’t work. We’ve had it beat into our heads that the only way to achieve the body and health we want is through dieting. It’s time to put an end to this — it’s time to stop listening to the lies, ignore the hype, and end the search for the next quick-fix solution. Achieving your goals doesn’t need to be done through suffering. Achieving and maintaining your goals should be, and needs to be, a pleasurable experience. We hate diets, and we know you do too. So let’s stop thinking that dieting is our only option. Say good-bye to counting calories and points, tracking macros, and depriving yourself of the foods and experiences you love. Make way for a new mindset centered around abundance, nourishment, and self-respect.
CULTIVATE Awareness When we become aware of the things that are harmful to us and our goals, we very naturally stop doing them. In this fast paced world we’re living in, it’s rare to slow down and be present to our actions and experiences. We rush through life — especially eating — and then wonder why we feel so unsatisfied. Slow down. Bring awareness to the moments in your life, and you will painlessly begin to adjust your actions to support your goals.
TRUST & Believe in Yourself You are not lazy. You do not lack motivation or willpower. If you have tried diets in the past with no luck, know that it’s not your fault — you did not fail the diet, the diet failed you. You are capable and in charge of your own success. You CAN be trusted to make supportive and beneficial changes. The most important thing you can do is trust and believe in yourself. Honor your worth. Value yourself. Be empowered by your goals and trust yourself to achieve them.
DEVELOP a Lean & Strong Body You have one body for the entirety of your life. Exercise and movement isn’t something you have to do to burn calories or avoid weight gain. It’s something you get to do as your basic human right and responsibility. Honor and respect your physical form — cherish it, take care of it, respect it, make it strong and resilient. Take time to enjoy the amazing things that your body can do. Understand that improving and supporting your body is a privilege, something you have the opportunity to do for a more enjoyable and meaningful life.
NOURISH Yourself & Others Just as it is a privilege to develop your physical and mental wellness through movement, so too is it a privilege to nourish your body and mind with supportive foods and activities. Although it is important, nourishment goes well beyond eating the right amount and types of foods and nutrients. Nourishment is giving your body the proper sustenance to thrive. It is taking time to nurture, respect, and listen to your body and honor it in a way that promotes health and growth. Nourishment not only comes from the foods we eat, but how we eat, the activities we participate in, the people we surround ourselves with, the thoughts we direct towards ourselves and others. Make it your mission to nourish yourself and others.
BUILD Healthy Relationships Connection is one of the most basic human desires. Strive to build a healthy connection to all things — food, movement, yourself, your significant other. Having positive and pleasurable relationships is the foundation on which you build everything else. All mindset change comes back to the connections we make.
GET BETTER Together Find strength in numbers. Build a support network of people who support and believe in you. Be a part of something bigger, and join us in bringing nourishment and pleasure back into life. We will always be better together.