Here's the deal...

The best way to get MORE energy, lose weight, feel positive & confident, and live up to your fullest potential...

Is NOT dieting.

It's NOT restricting yourself.

It's NOT hating yourself or relying on willpower to get what you want.

Through our own journeys, research, studies, and helping hundreds of others take control of their health & wellness to massively increase their energy and positivity...We've learned that the key to looking and feeling amazing and keeping your results is deeper than following a diet plan.

There are many different aspects at play here, to include:

  • Complex nutritional needs that aren't being met
  • Poor digestion & gut health destroying your ability to feel energized and lose weight
  • Movement & proper exercise for YOUR lifestyle
  • Mindset and subconscious blocks that keep you in "self-sabotage" mode
  • Lack of self-care practices leading to burnout and negativity
  • Environmental toxins that drain you of mental & physical energy
  • Issues unique to YOU that are not resolved with a blanket "diet plan"

That's where we come in...

Hi! We are Mike & Suzie Marschhausen, and we're experts in helping ambitious people overcome the obstacles in their way of creating healthy, energetic, vibrant bodies and lives that they love.

We want you to know that it's NOT your fault that diet plans or other attempts you've made at reaching your goals didn't work.

You just didn't have the RIGHT approach for your specific needs...until now.

We've spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars researching, studying & applying our knowledge to help hundreds of women and men get energized, lose weight without dieting, and discover their passion and enthusiasm for life...

We've developed our own proven system based on combining the most powerful tools and approaches to wellness into one holistic program. Through this, we're able to take you through the fastest and most sustainable way to overcoming health and weight issues, negativity & guilt, low energy, and feelings of overwhelm with your body and life.

And right now, we're looking for a few more of our DREAM CLIENTS.


We're looking for a small group of ambitious men & women to work with you one-on-one to help you find and eliminate YOUR SPECIFIC BARRIERS that are holding you back from your ideal energy levels, body, and happiness.

This program is our most comprehensive program with an incredible amount of 1-on-1 support. We can pretty much guarantee your success over the next 3 months...yep, our system is THAT effective!

We've never had a student complete this program that wasn't AMAZED by their results.

Clearly, it works.

Check out what some of our students are saying...

Marian Z.

"I can't believe how my body is changing...I feel my clothes shrinking, I've lost 10 pounds, I'm sure I have lost more fat and gained muscle as well, and am getting stronger for sure! I'm feeling very well physically but what I'm noticing more lately is how my mind is also changing: I'm more positive and I get over frustrations much faster than I used to! And this is so awesome. In summary: happy happy 🙂"

Stephanie N.

"I have so much energy and am so clear minded now. I've even lost 20 lbs and 18 inches! I see food so differently, it has changed the way I look at life. I am empowered because I am now a better example for my family. I am empowered because I love myself for the first time in my life.  I am so happy and that's all I could ask for 🙂"

But this program is NOT for everyone...


We're looking for a select few men and women who are ready to say YES to giving themselves what they need to succeed.

You want to massively increase your energy and wellbeing, so you can become the person you KNOW you can be...

  • No more feeling exhausted or defeated.
  • No more feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.
  • No more missed opportunities because you're too tired or lacking the confidence to take on the world.

We receive emails from students every week who report they:

  • Have more energy than they have ever had
  • Are feeling more confident and empowered in every aspect of their lives
  • Are no longer feeling confused, guilty, or anxious around food and their body
  • Are losing weight without feeling restricted or "dieting"
  • Feel happier and more positive on a daily basis

And that's just the short list. We have hundreds of stories from people whose lives have been changed for the better as a result of working closely with us.

Space is Limited, Apply Now

Check out what some of our students are saying...

I’m so thankful for you two for being a light in the dark. You have helped me crush my health goals, opened my mind up to new perspectives encompassing all that is health. You have taught me that being healthy isn’t just the physical aspect. But all that is you…your mental health, the people you surround yourself with, your career, relationships, environment, I could go on. Most importantly helping reframe my mindset around eating, learning not to identify food as “good” and “bad” but to see it as more nutritious to less nutritious, has reframed my mindset and set me free from the emotional baggage around eating. I don’t feel bad when I eat a donut, I enjoy every.single.bite 😈 I make my next meal a nourishing one and I move on with my day! Your work is freaking phenomenal, don’t stop doing what you do!

P.S. If you’re looking for a kick ass health and wellness coach, someone who will nourish the hell out of all aspects of your life, and help you reach/produce life long health and happiness. MIKE & SUZIE ARE FOR YOU. If you want a boring ass meal plan and a tedious fitness routine (a quick fix that doesn’t last)- LOOK ELSEWHERE!

Danna R.

Since being inspired by you guys my life has taken off again… I am now sleeping a solid 8 hours and everything is falling into place. I have taken a job more fitting to my skill set and I’m flying.

You’ve made a huge impact in my life. I’m a very strong person but you ignited my motivation and realigned my positive thought pattern. Thank you, and know that your help has meant so much.

You are both such beautiful people with a lovely out look…. very refreshing in such a tough world.. peace and love to you x

Dan B.

Best decision I have ever made to improve my physical health. Mike & Suzie completely changed how I view eating food.

They’re passionate about nutrition and know how important it is to everyone’s overall health. They have so much knowledge and advice to share, which has had a huge impact on helping me change how I view and eat food.

I have changed my eating habits for the better and definitely noticed the positive results. I have way more energy than I used to, I’ve lost significant weight, and I also just feel a lot better.

Mike & Suzie have been integral in my pursuit to reach my health and fitness goals. The program and support has given me all the tools I need to reach my goals, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be a healthier and happier person.

Ben R.

“Mike & Suzie helped change the way I live my life! I feel stronger, healthier and more confident. I jumped right into the program, and it was all so easy and simple. I learned so much about how to give my body what it needs, and how to feel less stressed out about food.

Being anorexic for a good portion of my life, it was such a relief to finally have a healthy relationship with food… At first I was skeptical, but I tried it. Mike & Suzie were right. I was feeling so much healthier eating more and giving my body nourishment. My body looks so different too (in a good way!).

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Mike & Suzie. I know it is corny to say but they really did change my life. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!”

Ali H.

I initially came to Mike & Suzie looking to increase my energy levels and decrease my anxiety (specifically OCD).

And – I’m not gonna lie – I knew I was carrying around a few extra pounds that didn’t need to exist.

Within the first few weeks my energy levels increased DRASTICALLY; I wasn’t falling asleep on my morning commute and I even had energy after I got home from work. My energy levels are exactly where I need them to be, I love the way my body feels, and after going off my OCD meds I am now back to where I was while on the medication a couple months ago! Which is PHENOMENAL in my book… (And those pesky extra 15 pounds I mentioned are gone.)

The amount of information Mike & Suzie shared with me is invaluable. I’m confident I’ll be able to take what I’ve learned well into the future to shape my continued wellbeing. You’ve taught me how to LEARN about myself and all sorts of tools to tweak my days for happiness. You are a WEALTH of knowledge and inspiration.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Mike & Suzie. You guys are the best!

Alexa S.

You’ve been a wonderful gift to me this year, so thank you so much for that!

My experience has been incredible. From the start of the program, there was a focus on my specific goals and creating a plan to meet my needs. Mike & Suzie helped me get excited about my body’s potential. Health is about total body and mind wellness, and this system helps you get strong and healthy mentally and physically.

It’s the first time in awhile I’m not “nervous” about eating, what to eat, or gaining weight — their sh*t works ;) And through it all, I have not felt like I was dieting – it’s the best!

Fat loss was also a goal of mine, and although I had many other awesome benefits of exercise and activity, I still wasn’t losing my layer of fluff….or few layers of fluff ;). The program pushed me to dig deeper. What were my true goals & why did I want to achieve them?

I came to the cold hard realization that I am an emotional eater. Then, I worked on positive mindset and reframing. Week by week, my attitude towards food began to shift. I didn’t cringe at the party, worrying what I could & couldn’t eat. I didn’t pile down heavy food after a rough day, and I didn’t eat the cupcake from the break room…not because of will power, but I genuinely thought…do I want to indulge? And the answer was no. And suddenly, the scale began to drop, my pants were loose, and my fluff is starting to disappear.

If you’re on the fence, I can tell you it’s worth every penny. I’ve learned so much from Mike & Suzie, and they genuinely care about LIFE LONG results. I can’t recommend them more highly. With their help, guidance, and support – I’ve had the strength to be self-aware and work on the hard stuff. I’m talking about the deeper stuff. The mind. Don’t take it from me, apply to work with them. You’re in for a life changing experience.

Mia M.

"As a mental health counsellor and trauma therapist, I am always recommending my clients address nutrition and exercise as part of their treatment.

The body and achieving a healthy physiological state is essential in a holistic approach to wellness and impacts our emotional/mental state tremendously.

I have referred clients to Mike & Suzie to get some expert advice and coaching in this area and have seen accelerated progress in each of them with collaborative care in this are.

Mike & Suzie are knowledgable and personable and their approach gets results. My clients that have participated in her program have had success in meeting their physical goals for fitness or weight loss as well as improved their knowledge about food and nutrition in ways that will positively impact their lives on an ongoing, long term basis.

I can't say enough good things about Mike & Suzie and will not hesitate to continue to refer clients to them for this kind of support."

Tara Miller, MC, RCC, Psychotherapist, Kelowna, BC

Space is Limited, Apply Now

What will it cost you to stay stuck where you are...?


Our hearts break for every single person who's exhausted and feeling overwhelmed who doesn't say YES to this program.

We've been where you are, and we've seen the incredible transformations this can make in a person's life, how much it has impacted our OWN lives...

How much does it COST you to constantly feel tired, uncomfortable in your body, and worry about your health?

  • How many more days will you drag through, relying on coffee just to make it through the day?
  • How much longer will you beat yourself up with negative thoughts?
  • How many more hours will you spend THINKING, OBSESSING, and RESEARCHING about food and weight loss?
  • How many more times will you miss out on memories with loved ones because you're too tired or don't feel confident?
  • How much more time will you spend feeling unfulfilled or like something's missing?



If you choose to say yes to yourself now...

There you'll be, out in the world feeling amazing and living the life you've always imagined for yourself. 

And when you notice every day is full of energy & happiness, you'll think back to this moment and smile, knowing you made the best decision to start living life to the fullest.

We hope you'll join us!

Choose Love,

Mike & Suzie