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Hey, we are Mike and Suzie, and welcome to your hub for massively increasing your energy, achieving better health, and living up to your fullest potential.

Our goal is to give you the high quality information and support you need to get energized, healthy, and build positivity and love into every aspect of your life. What started out as our own healing journey has transformed into a mutual passion and excitement for sharing the lessons we’ve learned with as many people as possible.

Our approach has expanded leaps and bounds; including a heavy emphasis on mindfulness, nutrition, physical movement, energy healing and subconscious reprogramming, and positive lifestyle factors that support an empowered relationship with food, body, and soul. We also incorporate a lot of personal development and mindset training to make sustainable change possible. Here, you’ll get top notch information and support that utilizes the strengths of both male and female perspectives, while building a health mindset that will keep you healthy & energized for life.

Our blog and podcast are a hub for all things health and wellness related. We cover topics on nutrition, mindset, strength and sprint training, fat loss, cooking, healthy lifestyles, personal development, spirituality, and happy relationships.

We know that building the body, health, and life of your dreams doesn’t need to be miserable. That’s why we provide no-bullshit information, support, and guidance for you — on your own journey of living the positive, healthy, and empowering life you’ve been searching for. 

Here’s to YOU and your transformation!


Who Are We..?



Mike Marschhausen, Co-founder / Health Coach

Mike Marschhausen, BS, CPT

B.S. Health Science: Nutrition / Certified Personal Trainer / CrossFit Level 1 Trainer / M.S. Clinical Nutrition & Integrative Health candidate (2016)

Hey there, my name is Mike. My interest in health & fitness turned to a real passion when I was deployed in Afghanistan in 2010. I used exercise as an outlet to help me cope with the stress of my deployment. It kept me sane through some of the toughest times. When I got home, I realized that health (physical AND mental) was something I wanted to focus my career on.

Through years of study, research, application, and tweaking I’ve developed a multi-faceted approach to health and mind, body, spirit wellness. My purpose in life is to help as many people as possible to heal, boost their energy and end self-doubt for a happier, more fulfilled life.


Suzie Marschhausen, Co-founder / Health Coach

Suzie Marschhausen, BA, CPT, FNC

B.A. Communication / Certified Personal Trainer / Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach / M.S.Clinical Nutrition & Integrative Health (2016)

Hey, I’m Suzie. My goal is to help you achieve the fitness and health that you deserve. The truth is, I used to be a mess. Splitting migraines, zero energy, and severe mood swings had become my norm. I was also carrying around quite a bit of extra fat. I was tired, overweight, and living life like I’d given up — all at the age of 20. Really? I was already at the point of letting life just steamroll over me? That’s just sad.

Then, low self-esteem got the best of me. Fast forward through two months of starvation dieting. Cutting calories to under 1,000 and religiously getting in my hour of cardio a day lead to a drastic loss of 25 pounds — not to mention a loss in energy, libido, and any zest for life I had been grasping onto. I was now skinny-fat, unhealthy, constantly napping, and those migraines were worse than ever.

Something needed to change. I became interested in the field of nutrition and met Mike. And so began our journey. We started researching — and I learned so much about how the body works, and what we need to look and feel good physically, mentally, and spiritually. The more I incorporated those things into my life, the better I looked and felt. I stopped dramatically restricting calories, and finally got off the treadmill to actually enjoy moving my body in ways that felt good. I started taking care of my mind and exploring how my mindset and spirituality impacted my overall wellbeing. The migraines were gone, I had bounding energy, I looked fit and healthy, and started living a life that inspires me.

I felt like I had unearthed some hidden secret — the secret to mental and physical health. I learned many different healing modalities that allowed me to help myself and hundreds of other women to start living up to their fullest potential. Now I am able to help so many others transform their bodies, minds, and lives. I have a hunger to always be learning and to use the knowledge I gain to help others enjoy their lives as the healthy, happy, and strong individuals they deserve to be.

In my free time, I love to travel, cook, read, cuddle with my rescue pup Chiquita, and do any sort of outdoor play.